Dairy and Egg free items

I have been totally slack and haven’t posted anything in ages, it’s just been a little busy since I started working again, I have a few posts that I need to upload though including some recipes.

Anyway, Brooklyn seems to be going well on wheat, but cause I don’t eat it and most things we eat are naturally wheat / gluten free, I don’t know many things that contain wheat but are free from dairy & egg so I will be on the hunt and taking suggestions to add to my thread.

Things I know of so far – see below and click on image to go to the product website…. (work in progress)…

I can’t believe that we are potentially down to 2 allergies.. I was really unsure that we would see the day..

Also, what does everyone else do with mixed allergies? I think I’m going to have to cook a few different things because if wheat is a green light then I’m going to have to give it to him once a week at least, going to be very interesting.


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