Allergy update

It’s been ages since I have written a proper blog post as I just haven’t had the time/energy with work and the family however we had another Westmead appointment yesterday and everything went really well. I can’t actually believe how much things have and are improving.

From the early days thinking that Brooklyn could possibly have his 4/5 allergies forever, well it certainly felt that way and the way that he would react to even traces of allergens via my breastmilk to now having eliminated two allergies and having fully re introduced those foods to now being down to the last two trials.

We are down to dairy and egg which doesn’t sound all that great BUT we have started the dairy ladder, we are at step three and we have not yet had a full blown reaction. This is MASSIVE, considering the past reactions. This says to me that maybe they are right, maybe a high percentage of kids do outgrow their FPIES/CMPA as time goes by.

I say maybe because in the early days, because it was so difficult to get to the bottom of everything and hardly anyone had answers, I became super skeptical of medical advice however his improvement does seem to be on par.

The dairy ladder is below for anyone who is curious. Brooklyn has tolerated milk arrowroot biscuits and cupcakes with baked in dairy.

Even when and if he can have dairy in the long run it’s going to be interesting as our house is dairy free for the other member’s issues, BUT it gives us the choice and makes life for us so much easier and for him down the track too.

Hopefully our story might be some hope for other allergy families. Will keep you posted.

Michelle x

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