Allergy free party food

I have been meaning to write this post for a while.

When you find out your kids have allergies or you are attending another child’s party where there may not be any food for your little one it’s easy to wonder what you can make for your child to have. Across the years we have learnt of a few fun kids allergy free foods.

There are so many fabulous packet mixes that you can instruct a cake baker on how to make an allergy friendly cake for you, or you can make one yourself. Our favourites that are free from dairy, gluten, egg and soy *BY SUBSTITUTING EGGS and MILK* are:

* Orgran cake mixes
* Coles simply gluten free vanilla cake mix
* Betty croker gluten free chocolate cake mix

Below are cakes from my wonderful friend Designat Cakes by Nat

Below are some cakes I have made myself:

Party Food

I think you can’t really go wrong with a barbeque, good quality sausages and a good variety of salads including my dairy free potato bake:

I also made this pasta salad at Bethenny’s party recently with gluten free pasta (click pic for link to original source and recipe):

fairy bread
Just because you can’t eat dairy or gluten doesn’t mean you can’t have fairy bread using nuttelex, standard 100s and 1000s *check label* and this is Aldi bread which unfortunately contains soy but is free from gluten, dairy and egg:

Also don’t forget FRUIT:

You could also have a “cheese” platter with a variety of dairy free cheeses, this salami is even dairy free which is rare – it’s the dosogna brand from woolworths (in a packet):

Lastly, here are some great easy treats from the local shops to make your life easier:

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