Updating blog, this is Beckett – baby three / his food allergies and mine

Sometimes I don’t like writing about our allergy stuff as I don’t want to seem like I want any fuss or sympathy as I really don’t. I like to write about it because people ask, so it’s a kill all birds with one stone, it’s good to brain dump everything that goes through my head with the food allergies as it gets a bit overwhelming / head fck for me and I like to share in case it helps anyone else. I remember how isolating and difficult it was the first time for me so if my experience helps anyone else then that’s good.

I have mostly been dairy free since eliminating it from my diet to breastfeed Brooklyn, as I now react to it. I’m not sure if this is because I’ve had time off it, or if my body has just truly never wanted it. I have PCOS and have only in the last few years discovered that gluten, dairy and sugar free is best for PCOS – removing inflammatory food sources and I believe I’ve been the healthiest yet but eliminating dairy. The symptoms it would give me (eczema , upset stomach, cold/ flu symptoms – congestion , random inflammation that manifests in different ways) have gone .

It also meant I fell pregnant without having to go on Clomed or Thyroxin which I did with Bethenny and Brooklyn. I never thought I’d just fall pregnant as I did.

So most of my pregnancy has been dairy free, I do have it occasionally and cheat, but I really shouldn’t. I had ice cream twice in hospital as they have these delicious gluten free vanilla tubs. Following the next feeds Beckett came up in hives and then had an stomach upset – showing stomach pains ,passing mucus, profuse vomiting and diarrhea etc so I have no doubt he has a cows milk protein allergy.

As I am still seeing some symptoms, I am also now eliminating soy and egg, just for the next week or so, then will challenge it by having some soy and waiting and seeing (they’re similar food proteins to dairy so it’s likely).

So for now I’m trying to work out again what I can eat. There’s no easy find store bought bread that’s gluten dairy soy and egg free so I’ll have to make some for the rare times I want it.

I am also not that keen on eliminating eggs as they are a great versatile source of protein but what can you do.

I’ll start compiling a list of what I CAN eat:


Avocado / spinach / grilled tomatoes Smoked salmon Allergy compliant bacon/sausages *check packet
Fruit salad Freedom foods cereal Carmens muesli Almond milk yoghurt Chia seed pudding Blueberry/banana pancakes –


Salads with chicken/salmon/tuna
Rice paper rolls without soy sauce
Mr Chen gluten free dumplings without soy sauce


Plain protein/vegetables/carbs *Be mindful of SOY in gluten free pasta Oyster sauce is a good soy sauce alternative for some recipes and also coconut aminos

5 days later……

I think I’m now on day 5 of soy and egg free but we are still seeing symptoms, it’s so frustrating and disheartening.

He is congested from feeding, stomach pains, profuse vomiting and still explosive/mucousy. Ugh. I am doing OK with the elimination diet but it is challenging and I find myself a bit hungry and also frustrated at times.

I’ve at least found some GF DF SF EF bread rolls I can eat until I can be bothered to bake myself some allergy friendly bread:

And another few days later

We seem to finally be getting somewhere. I was really losing the plot seeing nothing after 5 days of eliminating soy and egg and starting to wonder if it’s another food group or maybe GERD, the grunting, congestion, profuse vomiting all fit in with that.

I went to a GP to get a referral for a great pediatrician, we have to go to the pediatrician for his six week check up as is, but I wasn’t fond of the pediatrician assigned to us at the private hospital, I prefer one we have seen previously with the other kids so we needed to complete the leg work to get that and for the pediatrician to try and triage us into his closed books.

I was in the worst mood when we went to the GP as bubba was still quite unsettled and I felt like we were getting nowhere and as usual the GP had no idea whatsoever about food allergies to even write the referral *face palm*.

She said:

  • Is he allergic to your milk? no
  • Is it a lactose intolerence? ffs – no. True lactose intolerence in infants is actually really rare.
  • I told her it’s cows milk protein allergy and potentially FPIES. She wrote on the referral CAL milk protein allergy – WTF and of course had never heard of FPIES but I didn’t expect her to.
  • If you have to eliminate won’t you just give formula? It’s really not that simple…

Anyway, with the dodgy referral, and a supplementary email from me with the useful background, the pediatrician’s office triaged us in for about 2 weeks time. I almost cried haha – hormonal… but I was like thank f we are finally getting somewhere.

After this, things seem to come a bit good, which could be the soy/egg getting out of my body, but I have also been more mindful to burp bubba every 3 mins during a feed to prevent gas building up in his tummy.

I have also reverted to using infants friend, I was using infacol as that was available, but everyone says infants friend is so much better and it is all working/improved so I am sticking with it.

We tried a bottle of expressed milk from the period when I was having soy and egg and I saw some hives/marks on him and a little bit of the stomach symptoms seemed to reappear so I do think it is that.

In time, I will trial eating one soy thing and see how he goes and then do the same with egg. I would love to at least be able to have a little bit, because it is so damn hard eating gluten/dairy/soy and egg free. It basically means no meals out and even home cooking there is a lot of avoidance, but at the end of the day I will do what I have to do.