Dairy and soy confirmed. Coconut – question mark and eggs – question mark. Back to the food diary.

I food challenged soy and Beckett had face eczema, mucousy nappies, profuse vomiting, stomach pains and it effected his sleep, he will go to sleep but wake after one sleep cycle in the day (approx 40 mins) in pain, draw his legs up and cry.

I still need to challenge egg, but I imagine it will be a fail so I am scared.

Today (Friday), I have seen blood, he was off earlier this week and I have been suspicious of coconut, on Monday I had vegan/GF/SF mac and cheese but it’s made from coconut cream and we had similar to the above.

Yesterday he was also quite fussy, interupted morning sleep, trouble drifting off at night, very refluxy and in pain. I had roll’d rice paper rolls on Wednesday – pork and prawn and poached chicken, both without any sauce so I am wondering if these meats have soy, I have emailed the company seeking their allergen menu, as the menu they have in store only shows gluten free. Insofar as I am aware, all food providers are meant to be able to disclose ALL top 8 allergens in store but this was not the case. I will eagerly await their response.

This morning I also inadvertently had coconut yoghurt on my cereal (Cocobella – it’s so yum *facepalm* – I need to replace it with almond yoghurt) and now this afternoon there is blood in his poo.

Blood does not usually come straight away from one food but his stomach has been off for a long duration now, from the rotavirus live strain given at 6 weeks (some blood was passed then) to then potential reactions make his stomach lining raw.

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