Food Diary

I am basically documenting it all online to see if I can find a pattern as Beckett’s stomach has been pretty bad the last few weeks.

Wednesday 11 November

Meal NappiesSleepOther
Breakfast Peanut butter toastmucous – improving bad but out all morning though  
LunchPrawns, ham,   12.45-3 finenot too refluxy today 
Snack 2 smooshballs Soy free but contains coconutmucous – improving   
DinnerChicken skewers, corn and potato bake   

Tuesday 10 November

Meal NappiesSleepOther
Breakfast Muesli, almond yoghurt, raspberriesGreen mucuous – mucous improving but passing wind again – unusual interupted – creche/car sleepvomiting mucous, refluxy, projectile 
Lunch Fish and salad   
Snack* A few corn chips
* Tasti wholefood bar

Monday 9 November

Meal NappiesSleepOther
Breakfast Muesli, almond yoghurt, raspberriesmucous – green  8.45-11 pretty much full sleep 
Lunch Fish and saladsame 12.45-3 pretty much full sleep  
Snack Raw caramel slice *contains coconut oil – slip up* same , also gassy which is unusual  Refluxy
Struggled to sleep at 7
woke 12.45pm and 3.30 then 6 but re settled til 7
Dinner Lamb chops, quinoa, brown rice, mash potato and saladsame   

Friday 6 November 2020:

BreakfastWoolworths apple/cinnamon muesli, raspberries, cocobella yoghurt  Mucous845-11 poor-waking between sleep cycles  
Lunch Corn tortilla with pulled pork, avocado and vegan mayonnaiseOk 12.45-3 OK but stirring between sleep cycles before re settling himself  Refluxy
Snack Protein bar – allergen compliant and no coconutBlood and mucous (afternoon)   
Dinner Bolognese with rice   

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