Update/vent on Beckett, 10 November

My baby is broken and I don’t know what to do. I am not good at not having the answers. His stomach has been so messed up the past few weeks. I had a soy slip up last week with Roll’d by eating the poached chicken rice paper roll and I’ve also had some coconut slip ups which he definitely seems to be reacting to.

We saw the paed prior to this when everything was under control and the paed took a pragmatic approach saying that I know my stuff about food allergies and noted he is growing well therefore he was not too concerned, but I am now trying to talk to him again as I feel like we need to look into it all a bit more, since having blood, almost three weeks of mucousy nappies and also projectile vomiting mucous. His snuffly nose is also worst than ever which seems to be part of the reflux.

Hopefully my word vomit // vent makes sense, I just have to get it all out there.

It sucks so much that we have to fight so hard to do the right thing by our babies. It shouldn’t be so difficult and tiring.

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