Allergy friendly cafes

I will be adding to this shortly. A lot of places have improved over the last five years so I will leave this to review exceptional places and to give a general idea of where you can eat for varied food allergies. It will be a work in progress so watch this space or subscribe.


  • ROLL’D – Pork and Prawn meets our reqs of SF/DF/EF/GF
  • GRILL’D – Summer sunset, minus cheese and herbed mayo, with chips or chicken pieces meets our reqs of SF/DF/EF/GF
  • HUNGRY JACKS – fries are safe, whopper or chicken patty on own safe, mayo is dairy and soy free but contains egg
  • MCDONALDS – fries are safe. Soy in many other things unfortunately including the chicken salad.
  • KINGS OF PUNJAB – Erina, will make a DF/EF/SF/GF butter chicken with rice, extremely flexible with dairy free and delicious
  • THAI PHUNK – Lisarow, can have pad see ew / pad thai minus soy and egg

Roll’d allergen menu (soldiers/rice paper rolls)

Click to access Grilld_allergensheet_2020v2.pdf


I recommend that you ALWAYS discuss allergies with staff so that they have every chance to ensure your needs are met.

Be very mindful of CROSS CONTAMINATION from grills, toasters, benches, we have had issues in this regard so we rarely order food that is to be grilled because the risk of cross contamination with egg is too high. Toasting, I always ask that they use a sandwich press but toast it between paper or aluminium foil.