Blog; Brooklyn still reacting to traces – slip up

I am catching up on my blog I have been a bit busy running lots of errands that I hadn’t been able to do during the uni semester; my house is sparkling hehe , although I can’t get too used to this as I will be back to crazy busy again very soon.

Last week Brooklyn reacted to something, as usual I wasn’t 100% sure what. But I think it was bacon I put in dinner; not the actual bacon – ingredients were safe, but I got it from the deli and they probably used the slicer to cut cheese or other allergen containing ingredients beforehand so it’s picked up allergens via cross contamination.

I thought I had given him this bacon and this way before but I can’t even remember, I usually avoid the deli so I don’t know why I had a slip up tbh.

I find it disappointing though every time he still reacts, especially cause it’s still to minute traces.

His reaction does seem better in that it has been isolated to a gut reaction – no hives , eczema, allergy red eyes this time , but I still find it frustrating as I feel like if he ate the actual food then the other symptoms would show too, so he definitely can’t have any of his allergens still.

His stomach clearly inflamed by the slip up so it also feels like a backwards step on his gut health and bringing down his inflammation.

It also makes me think, he’s 16 months old now and he still hasn’t grown out of- so will he ever ? The clock is ticking stats wise.

Part of me doesn’t even actually consider him fully growing out of because it seems like a pipe dream, but also cause I’m scared to get my hopes up.In my mind It’s easier to just stick with what I know and do the best with that although I really want it for him if that makes sense.

Meowmy x