Egg free quiche

Recipe/how to; egg free mini frittatas (also gluten,wheat,dairy and soy free)

Weeks ago I saw that Orgran released a new product – vegan easy egg which meets our requirements (egg/dairy/soy/wheat/gluten free) so I was very excited as there are so many things Brooklyn misses out on by not being able to have egg.

Some things I have already adapted but I knew this product – if it worked as shown, would solve many more problems and open up many more possibilities so I stalked our local mega health food store (Organic Plus @ Erina) until they got it in and snapped up a box.

The vegan egg powder is made from chickpea/turmeric/garlic/maize. See complete details here:

50grams vegan egg powder
250mls water
1 tomato
1 grated zucchini
5 slices ham or bacon (check for allergens – I used primo brand)
1/2 cup orgran gluten free self raising flour

1. Mix all of the ingredients together
2. Pour into pre greased muffin tins
3. Cook at 180 degrees for half an hour – checking at regular intervals; your oven may differ from mine.

Enjoy. I actually really like the taste of them. They don’t taste bland like egg quiches do which usually require some sort of cheese to make them more flavoursome, they are good ‘as is’ or I guess you could serve with some tomato chutney or whatever suits your taste buds.