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Baby three – Beckett food allergies

Update/vent on Beckett, 10 November

Current food diary

Food Diary

How we found out Brooklyn has food allergies:

Introducing solids to a food allergy bubba:

Post diagnosis – food trials

Controlled Food Trials:

Update re soy controlled trial:

Still on the road to formal diagnosis:

Post allergist appointment October 2016:

Post allergist appointment fall out as IGE/NON IGE not ascertained:

Update re Westmead Hospital:

We are off to Westmead on Tuesday:

Our trip to Westmead Allergy and Immunology:

Building gut health

Salicylate issues:

Worrying about milk supply when breastfeeding with a restricted diet and seeing a possible drop in supply:

Travelling with food allergy bubbas:

List of commercial food that’s allergy friendly to take:

Await the headlines, crazy good allergy Mum gets detained by customs border control:

Allergy friendly venues in California, USA:

Following our overseas holiday Part 1:

Following our overseas holiday Part 2:

Following our overseas holiday Part 3:

Reactions and the emotional side of parenting with food allergies:

Traces slip up:

Not another reaction:

Two reactions in one week:

Snowed under with uni and trial part wean plus reaction:

Emotional side of food allergy struggles:

Food allergies and social events:

Leaving food allergy children to be minded by other people:

Life after having a restricted diet when breastfeeding a food allergy bubba:

Mixed feelings about mixed feeding:

Life after restricting my diet for breastfeeding:

Day care food list:

Clarification on food allergy labelling:

Other unwellness from food allergy bubba:

Food allergy bubba susceptible to ear infections: