Lifestyle blog

These are my lifestyle posts.

I like to provide an honest account of everything that happens and how I am feeling. I like to use my blog as a vent place like a dear diary type of thing.

Some people may not agree with my way of thinking or may not agree with everything I do, but everyone has been lovely and respectful so far and the thing is I put my thoughts and feelings out there because I am certain that if I think this way and feel this way then I am sure there is someone else out there that feels the same and if I can validate another person into knowing what they are feeling is ok then my work is done.

Mummyhood can be a lonely job where the results may not always be visible or immediate so it’s important for other Mums to stick together and support each other. Everyone is on their own journey but we should lift each other up not bring each other down.

Anyhoo here are some of my candid lifestyle posts;