About me

Thank you so much for stopping by. I would love to get to know you.

I am a Mummy and wife. My husband and I have two children; Bethenny (aged 3) and Brooklyn (aged 1) who both have food allergies; Bethenny to wheat & gluten and Brooklyn to wheat, gluten, dairy, egg and soy. I am also allergic to wheat & gluten.

Dairy, egg, soy, wheat and gluten free

During the time that I breastfed Brooklyn I had to modify my diet to also be dairy, egg and soy free (in addition to wheat and gluten free for me) as Brooklyn reacted to the proteins being transferred through my milk. This is not a well known thing in the medical world; learn more about in my allergy blogs (see food allergy blog tab above).

Recipes but more;

Recipes and allergy blogging is only one aspect of my life, I also like to share the juggles and struggles of life as a Mother; trying to balance career desires (for me that’s law – I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Law – something I have wanted to do all my life), successfully run a house, keep the children happy and thriving whilst trying to stay true to yourself and still look after you too – it’s not easy and the balance often tips, so I like to share my tips to try and keep the balance happening, but also share the moments where it just doesn’t work, so that other Mums know they aren’t alone in this journey.

Allergy experiences;

When I write about our allergy experiences, I don’t do so for sympathy, I am not that way inclined, I do it because I want to be honest and admit that sometimes I do actually struggle with the family having varied food allergies. It takes a lot for me to admit when I find something challenging as I am the kind of person who struggles to show vulnerability, so I am practicing what I preach – feeling the fear but doing it anyway by writing so candid.

I also write about our allergy experiences because when we were first navigating Brooklyn’s allergies, I felt so confused, alone and I was getting hardly any answers from medical professionals no matter which way I turned, therefore if our experiences, albiet, not medical advice, can help anyone in getting the right answers by asking the right questions and seeing the right people and if people feel like they have someone they can relate to and not feel so alone then that makes me so happy.

Whats with the name?

Lots of people ask what iammeowms means; Bethenny calls me “Meowmy” and “Meowms” and it has just kinda stuck. It is kinda my persona as a Mum; the person I used to be before kids – Michelle + everything else that my life is now as a Mum to two wonderful children.

I hope you enjoy getting to know us and find my recipes/go to products helpful.

Meowmy x

Credit for images/recipes/meal ideas

I put a lot of effort and time and energy into sharing recipes and meal ideas. I am more than happy for these to be shared (even if you adapt it) but could you please tag me on facebook/instagram as @iammeowms.

Social Media page rules; scroll don’t troll

Please keep discussion respectful, everyone is a human being and has feelings, people don’t have to take the time to share their experiences and try to help others, try to be open minded that everyone has differing views and differing experiences, please be kind. If I feel like anyone is breaching this rule they will receive one warning and any subsequent similar behaviour will see them being blocked from the page.


If I have any affiliations with a product/business I will indicate same with the hashtag #spon to keep it real.



Please be sure to check all ingredients are free from allergens and don’t rely on my listed products. Packets and processes constant change and allergens can unsuspectingly be in the above items.

Please also do not take any of my blogs as medical advice as I am not equipped to give medical advice, it is just merely me stating our experience.

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