Iam Meowms is an online community about Motherhood with family food allergies and auto immune issues.

Michelle is an allergy Mum who herself is allergic (epipen) to wheat & gluten. She is also dairy free as she has more recently reacted to it after going dairy free breastfeeding Brooklyn, five years ago, and subsequently discovered gluten, dairy and low sugar is often best for PCOS which she has. Michelle has also recently discovered she has endo, all of which are inflammatory auto immune issues.

Her daughter Bethenny is allergic to wheat and gluten and is dairy intolerant and her son Brooklyn has FPIES / cows milk protein allergy. He was initially also allergic to eggs, soy and was advised to initially trial gluten free, however he has grown out of these allergies. Beckett (baby three, almost one year old) appears to have similar issues with dairy, egg and soy, but it’s a work in process. He is okay with gluten!

Michelle was on an elimination diet whilst breastfeeding Brooklyn and Beckett as the food proteins would pass through her milk causing reactions. This is not an extremely well known thing however it is becoming more and more common. Learn more about this in Michelle’s ‘food allergy blogs’ (see tab above).

Michelle loves to help others and try and make things a little easier for them with food allergy struggles.

Whats with the name you ask? Meowmy or Meowms is Bethenny’s affectionate name for her Mum.


Anything written on this website is our experience and is not construed as medical/other advice.

Please be sure to always make due diligence; read all labels, ask questions, disclose allergens – every single time.